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Bill Heid
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My wife Kim and I (as well as our staff) have worked hard for years to develop our business, Solutions from Science. We wanted to provide products and information that would enable people to live independently, that would give them the ability to not only survive, but prosper, no matter what the political or economic landscape looked like. Several of the projects we have initiated have succeeded, but we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that to the degree we have had any success at all is due to one thing... The blessings and grace of a loving God.

And with any degree of success comes much responsibility. While we believe that God encourages us to take pleasure in the fruits of our labor, we also know that this blessing is not for us alone to enjoy. He does not give so that we “fill up barns.” As Christians, we believe that with each blessing bestowed upon us, we are expected, in turn, to bless others.

Often it’s hard to know where to give of our time and money. Too many organizations that have the “name branding” are so top-heavy in administrative costs and outlays that nearly none of the donations they receive actually go to help the people they’re soliciting funds for. Donating to these organizations is a poor stewardship of the assets God has given us and we just can’t do it.

We decided we wanted to give to the smaller charities and ministries, those who work through volunteers, so that a major portion of the donations made actually get to where they’re needed.  There are so many deserving organizations and obviously it’s impossible to support all of them. However, we have found one that has impressed us, not only with what they’re accomplishing throughout the world, but with their insistence that 100% of donated funds go to the designated recipient. We’re talking about...


Heart of God International Ministries


Heart of God International Ministries is a network of ministries
that all have the same passion and mission goals.

Heart of God International Ministries was formed to do the following:

  1. To “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)
  2. To demonstrate love, mercy, and compassion to all nations, people groups, languages, and beliefs.
  3. To offer humanitarian relief and assistance in the time of disaster, calamity, and/or war to all people regardless of race, nationality, religious preferences, age, or gender.
  4. To expand the global Body through the planting of new churches and assemblies, in addition to ongoing discipleship.
  5. To be a voice for those who are silenced through social or cultural oppression.
  6. To encourage unity in the Body of Christ, breaking down denominational barriers so the emphasis on our corporate commission of being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ will effectively communicate the Gospel of Love with or without the spoken or written Word.
  7. To enable the precious and sacred gifts bestowed on mankind through faith in Christ so the full benefit of God-given talents can be utilized for the expansion and strengthening of His kingdom on earth.

Heart of God International Ministries is the "parent" organization under which InnerCity Outreach, Heart of God India, Heart of God Uganda, Heart of God Haiti, Heart of God Israel, Heart of God Kenya, Women of Passions, and Soldiers Bible Ministry function. They also have various electronic and printed media outreaches as well, including: JournEzine (their online magazine), Today’s Devotion (a free, daily email devotional), Echoes of White (an anthology of mission stories), HG Mail (secure email), and Palal Partners (the prayer team for Heart of God International Ministries).

In addition to preaching the gospel and operating an inner city outreach that targets the homeless and displaced here in the United States, Heart of God International Ministries operates schools, orphanages, or both in each of the overseas outreaches —impacting the lives of people in a phenomenal way. They understand that without helping to meet the physical needs of a people, their talk of spiritual matters is empty and without substance. And while each of their outreaches is worthy of consideration, because of recent events, our focus has been drawn to Heart of God Haiti.


Children of Helping for Christ Christian Day School
Port Au Prince, Haiti in November 2008

Solutions from Science

Forty children out of two hundred died that fateful day in Port Au Prince when the school house collapsed on top of them. Everyone else sustained injuries to one extent or another. For days they lived with minimal-to-no water or food. Pastor Dicksent found himself ministering to over 5,000 injured and traumatized people while suffering from his own wounds and exhaustion.  One week later, he moved 300 people to a new location, closer to the border of the Dominican Republic. They’ve named this location “Camp Victory” and have begun setting up tents and supplies as the items have become available. It is still a very dangerous time over there, and the needs are still many.

Pastor Dicksent has to go to the Dominican Republic to receive wire transfers of money and to purchase supplies. Looters and bandits are everywhere. God has provided them a “guardian angel” in the form of a man from the Dominican Republic that Pastor Dicksent met on his first trip across the border. This man (who’s name is amazingly Angel!) has become the pastor’s de facto body guard and has helped with the transportation of food, tents and supplies as they’ve become available for purchase.

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The efforts to begin rebuilding are hampered, however, by the total destruction of the infrastructure of Haiti. There’s no power and no water supply. Rebuilding and permanent housing will require electricity at the very least. To that end we have spoken with Heart of God International and have offered them our solar generators at our cost. We have one generator ready to go as soon as shipping and transportation has been arranged.

Here at Solutions from Science we would like to offer our customers who are looking for a way to help with the Haiti relief efforts an opportunity to donate to this cause. We are also providing a link to the Heart of God International Ministries Haiti website, where your donations will go for the purchase of tents, toilets, food, and medical supplies. Again, Heart of God is a 100% volunteer organization, and ALL donations go to the intended recipients. No administrative costs are held out of these funds. (They have other fundraisers to pay for the administrative costs of the organization.)

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to help, but hesitant to give to an organization that would use all your money for staff salaries, then here’s your opportunity. From all of us here at Solutions from Science and from Heart of God International Ministries, we thank you for your generosity of spirit and kindness of heart.

May God richly bless you,

Bill and Kim Heid

Donate to Heart of God - Haiti Relief
There are a few ways that you can donate to Heart of God - Haiti. You can donate online (credit/debit card, e-check, PayPal), mail your donation (check or money order) or you can call them directly.

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